Allumera is an ideal solution for those who desire radiant skin, but would prefer the comfort of a non-invasive procedure. In fact, Allumera is the first topical cream of its caliber. The procedure aims to improve the overall glow of the skin, reduce signs of aging and minimize the appearance of pores. Allumera reduces the emergence of fine lines and crow’s feet, while boosting skin firmness, creating a more resilient face. To top it all off, Allumera boasts minimal downtime and results that last!

Now, you can experience Allumera for yourself right in the comfort and expertise of Dr. Huelsman’s office. We offer a discreet option for this effective and rejuvenating service. You don’t have to hide your face as you dash in to a plastic surgeon’s office and risk running into someone you know — and starting stressful gossip. Instead, you can sit back and relax right in your familiar dental office. You can trust the same team you rely on to take care of your oral health with this simple, non-invasive, and highly effective solution for smoother, more even, and younger looking skin.

The Allumera process can be explained in three easy steps. To begin, Dr. Huelsman’s staff applies cosmetic cream. The product is spread evenly and left to absorb for one hour. Then, the skin is washed to remove any excess cream. Finally, Allumera is activated with a professional light source. The full effect is reached by incorporating a wide variety of light types, including red light, blue light, IPL and PDL.

Allumera users report experiencing illuminated skin, softer texture, improved hydration and an overall beautiful, younger, healthier look. By incorporating Allumera into your regular skincare routine, results will become more and more noticeable. In a five-month study, consumers experienced a 44% reduction in the appearance of pores after three procedures. Come into our Worthington office today to see the brilliance of Allumera yourself.