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Our Dental Office: Who We Are

Our practice began twenty-two years ago when Dr. Kevin Huelsman, DDS wanted to create a place where he could treat patients with the utmost care. The practice was founded with the same mission we have now: Treat patients with respect, while delivering the best diagnosis and treatment available. Now, decades later, Dr. Huelsman continues to serve his community with the best in compassionate care, modern services, and advanced technology.

What makes our office stand alone? Our pillars of service are experience and kindness. Our staff members are committed to the health and comfort of everyone that comes to our office. We treat patients like family members and truly want the best for each and every individual we are so lucky to serve. Most of us have been in the dental field for more than twenty years, and we use that experience to alleviate anxiety and provide effective treatment for all.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself looking forward to your next appointment with us. First and foremost, we care about the health of your mouth, teeth, and gums. But we also care about our patients outside of their oral health, and want you to have the care you need to feel confident in your smile. We use proven methods, techniques, and approaches to ensure that you will be as comfortable as possible — and get the best possible results for your dental health.

Give us a chance to see what a difference we can make in your smile. Call us to set up an appointment today.

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