It’s easy to create a bright, white and truly stunning smile. Most people are able to get the brilliant look they’ve always wanted through our simple “bleaching” treatment.

What Do I Need to Know About Your Teeth Whitening Procedure?

Our teeth whitening procedure is easy, safe and affordable. You can let us know that you’re interested in receiving a whitening treatment during any one of your appointments. Depending upon how much of your teeth are visible when you smile or talk, you have the option of lightening the upper teeth only or you can lighten both the upper and lower teeth.

Within just one to two days, you’ll be able to pick up your clear, customized bleach splints. We’ll provide a special bleaching solution that you’ll place in the splints. When you wear your splints several hours each day, our bleaching agent will bubble and draw stains right out of your tooth enamel without harming or altering the structure of your teeth or your existing dental work. The process is fast and very effective. Once your teeth have attained the desired level of brightness, you’ll need to repeat the treatment on occasion to maintain the dazzling look. We’ll want to capture an “after” photo of your new look during your next dental visit.

Dental bleaching is designed to correct discoloration of the natural tooth structures. Tooth discoloration can occur as the result of chemical damage, staining and the normal aging process. With the use of cutting-edge bleaching technologies, we provide a safe solution for creating a smile that’s both brilliant and aesthetically beautiful. When tooth coloration is severe, we may recommend veneers or crowns, however, given that bleaching treatments are comparatively low in cost, we believe that this option is almost always worth trying.

What Should I Expect During My Teeth Whitening Procedure?

We’ll take an impression to create a customized stent or mouthguard that will hold the bleaching agent against your teeth. Our special bleaching agent is used for approximately three to four hours each night over the course of just one to two weeks. Significant whitening will occur throughout the treatment process. In many cases, the change is absolutely brilliant. Advanced bleaching technologies enable us to provide significant improvements in teeth that are aging, yellowing and stained. However, porcelain veneers or crowns may be better-suited to teeth that have severe staining.

The Top Benefits Of Tooth Whitening Procedures

  • Eliminates yellow, brown and spotted tooth stains
  • Works on patients of all ages
  • Is a semi-permanent way to restore luster and brightness to a dull, discolored smile

Things To Consider Before Your Teeth Whitening Procedure

Bleaching agents are sold over-the-counter in countless pharmacies and drug stores. Given that these products can damage both the teeth and the surrounding soft tissues, however, it is always best to use the solutions that have been recommended by our practice.